Val Arkoosh speaking with constituents on street
Val’s Priorities

Education & Job Training

Providing the educational and training opportunities Pennsylvanians need.

From working with patients as a doctor, Val understands that access to a strong education early in life is critical to Pennsylvanians’ health and future. In order to give children that strong start in life, Val supports investments in child care, Pre-K, Early Head Start, and Head Start. To support K-12 education and funding of the Commonwealth’s public schools, Val will always stand up for Title I and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. Val also supports finally paying teachers what they deserve and investing in additional training of our teachers to help improve the quality of our children’s education. 

To make higher education more affordable and accessible, Val supports expanding and increasing Pell Grants and letting students refinance their current student loans at a lower rate. We need to find a path toward reducing debt, including through strengthening programs like the Public Service Student Loan Forgiveness program and other federal programs that allow students who choose certain career paths in their communities to have their debt forgiven. 

Val knows community colleges are an asset to local economies and training workers. That’s why during Val’s tenure as Chair of the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners she’s taken steps to strengthen and support the county’s local community college. She also supports efforts to make the first two years of community college free. 

Val also understands that many Pennsylvanians may choose to immediately enter the workforce after high school, or may decide to change fields years into their careers, which is why she supports expanding access to apprenticeships and technical training programs. These programs are important pathways to good-paying, union jobs and provide opportunities that let folks get paid while training for a new job.