Val Arkoosh in front of solar panels, fighting for green energy
Val’s Priorities

Energy & Environment

Fighting climate change and creating good union jobs.

Val knows that our changing climate is not only a threat to public health, but also to our economic security and competitiveness, not to mention the job security of thousands of workers. That’s why she’s led on this issue in Pennsylvania. As Chair of the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners, Val helped transition all county-owned buildings to 100 percent wind energy for electricity. The county will also transition to renewable energy for heating all county-owned buildings and powering all county-owned vehicles by 2050. During her tenure on the Board, the county has also crossed a pivotal milestone of preserving over 10,000 acres of farmland.  

As a physician, she has seen the negative health impact environmental factors have on children and families, like extreme temperatures and kids who couldn’t play outside because the air in their neighborhood was dirty. And we know that fracking chemicals have the potential to expose our children to harmful, toxic chemicals — especially in low-income communities and communities of color. 

Val believes that there is a lack of urgency coming out of Washington to address climate change as the public health crisis it is. In the U.S. Senate, Val will support federal efforts to ban fracking nationwide and hold polluters accountable to protect workers, homeowners, and our air and water.  Instead, we ought to be investing in clean, sustainable energy and fighting to make sure Pennsylvania gets its share of the jobs of the future, not China. By investing in wind and solar energy, retrofitting older buildings to be more energy-efficient, and creating more energy-efficient vehicles and public transit, we can provide greater job security for Pennsylvania workers and their families.


Val Arkoosh in orange shirt standing in garden