Val Arkoosh Supporters
Val’s Priorities

Voting Rights & Our Democracy

Protecting and expanding the right of every Pennsylvanian, and American, to vote.

Our elections are yet another example of Republicans denying facts and data to promote the Big Lie and boost their efforts to limit the rights of some to cast their ballot and make their voices heard. Some of the worst offenders are here in Pennsylvania.

From gerrymandering to suppressive voting laws, politicians in Pennsylvania, states around the country and in Washington have been working to undermine confidence in U.S. elections and make it harder to vote, putting one of the most essential American rights at risk. We must act to stop it. That’s why Val supports federal legislation to protect the right to vote and make it easy for every Pennsylvanian to cast a ballot.

We must also rein in corporations’ role in our elections, which for far too long has diminished the voice of real people in our politics. Val supports overturning Citizens United, which has allowed for the unlimited flow of dark money into our political system. Val is also refusing to take money from corporate PACs in her campaign.

And in order to finally make progress on the issues most important to Pennsylvanians, Val believes we must abolish the filibuster.