Val Akroosh speaking with a group of women
Val's Priorities


Protecting women’s health and economic security.

As a physician, a public health advocate, and in public office, Val has always fought to advance women and protect and expand their health care access. Val fought for passage of the Affordable Care Act as the President of the National Physicians Alliance, which helped improve women’s access to health care by preventing insurers from charging women more or denying them for a pre-existing medical condition, and expanded access to a number of free health supports for women including free birth control, free well-women visits, mammograms, and other cancer and STI screenings. But more must be done, especially to support Black women, who are more likely to experience maternal and infant mortality. 

As a physician who focused on women’s health, Val has seen firsthand the difficult decisions women make under difficult circumstances. Those decisions belong between a woman and her doctor, and no politician in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania or Washington, D.C. should be making those decisions for her. Val will fight to defend Roe v. Wade and expand reproductive justice, including by repealing the Hyde Amendment. She also supports efforts to codify Roe. v. Wade. 

Val also understands our communities are strongest when women have economic opportunity and stability. But for too long, women have been paid less for the same work as their male counterparts, and it’s even worse for women of color. We must pass pay equity for women, invest in child care, and finally pass paid family and medical leave. As Chair of the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners, Val proudly secured gender-neutral paid parental leave. She wants to expand on that success in the U.S. Senate to pass policies nationwide that give workers the economic security to raise a family without having to leave the workforce. 

Val Arkoosh