Val Arkoosh speaking with voters at nursery
Val’s Priorities

Fighting for stronger, healthier communities for every Pennsylvanian.

For years in Washington, so often, when they see a problem, they actually make it worse instead of solving it -- from addressing the climate crisis to fixing our child care system, to expanding health care and raising the minimum wage. There are a lot of big problems that need to be solved. I have shown I can get things done here at home, and now I want to get things done in Washington for all of Pennsylvania. I’m determined to do the hard work of cutting through the noise and dysfunction in Washington -- I’ve solved harder problems."
Val Arkoosh
A Record Of Results
Val’s a proven leader and problem solver. She gets things done — no BS, just results. That’s what she’ll do in Washington.

Minimum Wage For County Workers

Acres Of Farmland Preserved

Number of Pennsylvanians Val Represents

COVID-19 Pressers To Keep MontCo Up-to-Date

County Employees Eligible For Paid Parental Leave

Bond Rating Under Her Leadership

County Budget Managed

Allocated To Child Care & Families