Bucks County Courier Times: PA Democrats brainstorm on beating Trump in 2020

Bucks County Courier Times: PA Democrats brainstorm on beating Trump in 2020

James McGinnis

November 12, 2019

Open to the media, Democrats hosted a round-table discussion Tuesday “to keep this momentum rolling into 2020.”

Beating back a campaign of disinformation by the Republican party, Pennsylvania Democrats won control of all Philadelphia suburbs on Nov. 5.

But can they keep President Donald Trump from winning reelection in Pennsylvania in 2020?

Defeating Trump next year is “the election of our lives” said Democratic National Committee Chief Executive Officer Seema Nanda during a powwow of party leaders in Philadelphia on Tuesday.

Open to the media, the event was billed as a “round-table discussion ... to keep this momentum rolling into 2020.”

In the run-up to recent local elections, the GOP sent mailers suggesting Democrats would create “heroin injection sites” in Bucks and Montgomery counties and establish “sanctuary cities” for refugees in the suburbs.

And, voters will see much more disinformation next year, Nanda predicted.

“We are going to be up against a mountain of disinformation,” she said. “What we have at the DNC is a disinformation/misinformation program. We have a team of folks who are looking constantly at disinformation. But I think it’s going to take all of us, working together on this.”

Democrats will lose in 2020 if they don’t come up with a “united message that people can get their arms around,” warned John Cordisco, party chairman for Bucks County.

“If we don’t do that we’re going to be our own worst enemies,” he continued. “We have to offer people an alternative that sounds reasonable.”

In Montgomery County, Dr. Valerie Arkoosh, a Democrat and county commissioner, said the biggest issue was the lack of local journalism.

“Our local journalism has been decimated,” Arkoosh said. “They basically all take the same stories and repackage them. It’s been quite catastrophic. That’s our number one problem.

“The Republicans that we’re running against us kept saying they would vote against the injection sites,” Arkoosh continued. “These were just things that no one had ever even talked about.”

Reached for comment on the Democrats’ strategy session, the Pennsylvania Republican Party pointed to 54 other Pennsylvania counties controlled by GOP candidates.

Of the 8.5 million voters in Pennsylvania, 4 million were registered Democrat and 3.2 million were registered Republican, according to the state.

“You look statewide and Pennsylvania is very much a battleground state,” said Charlie O’Neill, the state GOP’s deputy executive director.

“We have great story to tell with Donald Trump and we have a record to show people,” said O’Neill. “Under Trump, Pennsylvania has added 144,000 jobs.”


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