Press Release

MEMO: Takeaways From Last Night’s Elections Show Once Again That Val Is The Candidate Needed To Flip PA-SEN

By: Tiernan Donohue, Campaign Manager, Val Arkoosh for U.S. Senate | November 3, 2021

Last night’s election results proved again that suburban voters continue to wield incredible political power in statewide elections. To win the open U.S. Senate seat in 2022, it is critical that Democrats nominate a candidate with a base in Philadelphia’s vote-rich suburbs and a track record of appealing to suburban voters and taking action on their behalf. That’s Val Arkoosh. 


Her unique profile as a doctor, her accomplishments on behalf of the third-largest county in the state, and her laser focus on the issues voters care about are foundational to her strength in this race and continue to set her apart from the rest of the Democratic primary field. 


Val would also provide a strong contrast to whoever emerges from the Republican primary field, where each candidate has tried to out-Trump the next and their front-runner has massive self issues that make him toxic with women voters in the suburbs. 


KEY POINT: Val has proven she can win the suburbs, specifically in Philadelphia’s vote-rich, politically powerful collar counties, “long crucial to winning statewide elections” in Pennsylvania. 

  • Val has represented Montgomery County for several years as the first woman to Chair the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners, and her “home base in heavily Democratic Montgomery County could be an asset in the primary.” Val is the only candidate from the Philadelphia suburbs in the primary field, which is no doubt a major advantage. Beyond Montgomery County, Val has put in the hard work to help elect more Democrats in the surrounding collar counties.

  • As we’ve noted before, Philadelphia and its collar counties accounted for 41 percent of the Democratic primary electorate in 2018, and with the major population gains in places like Montgomery and Chester County which grew at an even faster rate than Philadelphia, we can expect that number to be even higher heading into May and November’s elections. The entirety of the Philadelphia market accounts for half the Commonwealth’s votes, and similarly, we expect that to be an even larger share of the votes moving forward.

  • And notably in the context of the primary field, Val is the only woman. In the 2020 Democratic primary, women significantly out-voted men. If elected, she would be the first woman elected to the U.S. Senate from Pennsylvania and first woman physician ever elected to the Senate from either party.

KEY POINT: There is no doubt that flipping Pennsylvania’s open U.S. Senate seat will require someone with the right message to win the suburbs, in particular women in the suburbs. That’s Val. 

  • Val has made economic issues like paid leave, raising the minimum wage, and tackling the child care crisis a focus of her campaign, especially helping women return to work following the mass exodus of women from the workforce. She has a proven track record on these issues, and this will continue to appeal to voters across the state.

  • As abortion has emerged as a key issue that “could supercharge the 2022 midterms,” Val continues to raise the alarm on the need to protect Roe v. Wade and expand abortion access. Local press has noted this has “helped elevate” Val, and our campaign maintains that she is the candidate with the strongest possible profile from which to advance this discussion in Washington.

  • And at a time when science, data, and facts are under attack in Washington like never before, holding us back in critical fights like getting out of this pandemic and tackling climate change, Val is calling bullshit on these attacks, leaning into her leadership through the COVID-19 crisis, and talking about all the ways her background as a doctor and public health professional will help her fight for real progress on climate, protect the right to vote from false attacks, and defend abortion access.


KEY POINT: Val is the only candidate in the Democratic or Republican primary fields with tangible accomplishments that will appeal to a wide swath of voters. 

  • Under her leadership, Montgomery County became the “first suburban area in southeastern PA” to adopt a paid parental leave policy for its full-time employees. She also helped raise the minimum wage to $15 for county employees.

  • Val also worked to make sure Montgomery County did its part to combat the climate crisis by transitioning all County-owned buildings to 100 percent wind energy for electricity. The County will also transition to renewable energy for heating all county-owned buildings and powering all County-owned vehicles by 2050.

  • Her experience in public health gave her a strong foundation during the COVID-19 pandemic when she was praised for her “intelligent, empathetic leadership,” and for providing “as much information as possible on the pandemic’s progress in her county.”

  • And, importantly, Val has done all this while maintaining some of the lowest taxes in the region and restoring the county’s AAA bond rating. That fiscal responsibility and her work managing a large budget as Chair of the third-largest county will appeal to voters across the political spectrum.

A candidate like Val is needed now more than ever to ensure that a Democrat can win this Senate seat in 2022. She will keep building support throughout the Commonwealth, putting in the work, and emphasizing all the ways she is fighting for Pennsylvanians.