Patch: 12,000 Kits Of COVID Protective Gear To Be Distributed In Montco

Patch: 12,000 Kits Of COVID Protective Gear To Be Distributed In Montco

By Justin Heinze

October 6. 2020

NORRISTOWN, PA — Montgomery County has purchased 12,000 kits of personal protective gear to help local small businesses stay safe amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The kits are an effort by the county to support and protect small businesses hit hardest by COVID-19.

"We are committed to helping as many businesses, families, and industries as possible endure the
financial hardship caused by the pandemic so they can continue to return to work safely and sustainably," Montgomery County Commissioner Val Arkoosh said in a statement.

Kits include face masks, face shields, sanitizer, thermometers, documents providing guidance on COVID-19 protocols, and more.

The kits are funded by the federal CARES Act.

Business leaders say the kits are crucial to helping owners get back on their feet.

"Providing these supplies to small businesses saves them time and money they'd otherwise use to procure PPE and allows them to do what they do best and keep their businesses going," said David Zellers Jr., the Montgomery County Director of Commerce.

Kits will begin arriving in early October. All businesses with 50 or fewer employees who are members of the the Alliance of Montgomery County Chambers of Commerce are eligible to receive one to five kits.


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