Patch: Montgomery County To Expand Testing Capacity At 4 Busiest Sites

Patch: Montgomery County To Expand Testing Capacity At 4 Busiest Sites

By Justin Heinze

October 14, 2020

NORRISTOWN, PA — Montgomery County officials announced Wednesday that testing will be expanded at its busiest locations at some point next month.

The four busiest sites — Lansdale, Willow Grove, Ardmore, and Norristown — will see an increase in capacity from 50 tests per day to 75 tests per day in early November.

The other two testing sites in Green Lane and Pottstown will continue to offer 50 tests per day.

The exact date of expansion will be announced once it is finalized. Once finalized, the total daily capacity in the county will be increased from 300 to 400.

Officials remind residents that widespread testing is one of the most important tools at their disposal for the continued suppression of the virus.

"The more we're able to test our community, whether you have symptoms or not, the more we'll know what is happening across the county, and be able to quickly suppress any outbreaks," Montgomery County Commissioner Val Arkoosh said.

A total of 28,344 residents of Montgomery County were tested at community sites over the 14-day period ending Oct. 9. That's an increase of 2,995 over the 14-day period ending Oct. 2, according to county statistics.

The county's partnership with Mako Medical, the North Carolina lab which promised and has delivered a speedy 36-hour turnaround time on testing results, has remained fruitful, authorities said.

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