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Dr. Valerie Arkoosh is the Chair of the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners.

Val leads a three member Board of Commissioners which oversees a budget of over $420 million, and directs more than 2,400 employees working on behalf of the 825,000 residents of Montgomery County.

Additionally, the Board of Commissioners manages human services for more than 100,000 residents, the County Court and criminal justice system, Voter Services, over 130 county bridges, 75 miles of roads and other infrastructure, 7 county parks and nearly 100 miles of trails.

Val was appointed to fill a vacancy on the Board of Commissioners in January 2015, won election to a full four-year term in November 2015 and served as Vice Chair until her election as Chair in November 2016, succeeding former Chair Josh Shapiro.

Val is bringing innovative reforms to county government - improving services for children, Veterans, and seniors while ensuring an effective, transparent, and fiscally responsible government. 

Under her leadership, Montgomery County has returned to strong financial footing after difficult financial times in the past, so much so that the county’s bond rating was restored to Aaa in 2018, and maintained in 2019.

She has led the efforts to eliminate street homelessness of veterans, streamline delivery of human services, increase repairs for county roads and bridges, open 10 new miles of trails across the county, and transition the county to 100 percent wind energy.  

In 2019, the County passed a life changing parental leave policy for county employees. 

And, Montgomery County has maintained the lowest county real estate tax rate in the Philadelphia region, and as a result of investments made by the County, Montgomery County Community College has not increased tuition rates for the past three years.

As a physician, Val is at the center of the County’s efforts to combat the opioid overdose epidemic, overseeing a multi-pronged, integrated response.  In 2015 she issued a “standing order” to enable participating pharmacies in Montgomery County to dispense the overdose antidote naloxone at the request of any member of the public. Deaths related to opioid use disorder declined in Montgomery County in both 2018 and 2019.

Upon obtaining her Master of Public Health in 2007, Val became deeply engaged in the national effort to achieve comprehensive health care reform. She led the National Physicians Alliance, a national non-profit organization of physicians, who, putting their patients before profits, joined a broad-based nation-wide coalition for reform.  During this time, she developed policy and legislative strategy, and promoted public engagement in Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania, and throughout the country. Val maintains a comprehensive knowledge of the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and its impact on individuals and the health care system.

While much of her career has been in medicine and public health, Val has substantial experience in dealing with many of the same challenges governments face.  She has significant leadership experience managing complex organizations during times of fiscal challenge. 

“I believe a healthy community is one where we all do better – where good jobs, first-rate schools and access to health care are available to everyone.”


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